Jan 18, 2020
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Nice to meet you! Currently this site synchronizes articles from my main blog, providing a more lightweight reading experience for users. If you'd like to engage more and experience additional visual effects, feel free to visit my main blog.

About This Site

Wonder Space by L3ON (Leon) is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License (unless otherwise noted).
I've been blogging since 2020. In the earliest days I was using Markdown files to generate a static blog to deploy on GitHub Page. In March 2022, I rebuilt my blog here and moved some of my posts over to get better performance and faster response.
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About Me

👨‍💻 You can call me Leon, I'm an undergraduate law student in China. Messing with these "tech stuff" has always been my hobby. Without systematic professional learning, I am just groping for these things by myself, and I always feel that my skills needs to be improved, so don't worry about pointing out my mistakes or improprieties directly.
I have a wide range of interests, mainly blogging, technology, movies, TV shows, music, photography, design, etc. I post very irregularly here some recent insights, including interesting projects, movie and drama reviews, and even some essays that I feel inspired to write.
📮 I can be contacted via:
  • 📧 Email: l3on@duck.com or l3on@l3on.site
  • 📷 Instagram: @l3on.y2k
  • 💬 Telegram: @l3ony2k
As for my nickname "Wonder Boy", it comes from the American TV show Person of Interest, which I thought was a bit cool (?) at the time. So I used this somewhat childish nickname and never changed it.

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